Giovanni Gianfredi

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I started doing Snowbard at age 15 in 1984 with a board made by myself in fiberglass and wood core. I then moved on to snowboards like Burton, Sims, Nitro, Scott. In a world where the big brands have started with innovative ideas and spirits but which have been lost over the years following the logic of businnes. For me, the Furberg snowboards are synonymous with a message of lovers of the pure spirit of snowboarding. Today at the age of 49, the Furberg boards are the closest to me in my free spirit of the 80s of a 15-year-old boy who has fallen in love with the freedom the backcountry can give you and with modern innovation continues to thrill me. Thanks Furberg to exist and produce high quality snowboards in Freeride and Backcountry style with great passion.
Giovanni Gianfredi - Italy (Aosta Valley)